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Birthdate:Apr 10
Location:United States of America
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Digitalemur takes no prisoners.

She can be bribed with starchy food, though.

Digitalemur works in a library at an unnamed institution in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

She moonlights as a lion tamer.

Digitalemur is not as tall as you think she is.

She's also not as wide as you think she is.

Digitalemur usually carries a picture of George Washington with her.

She _always_ has a picture of the Queen on her. Two of them, in fact.

Digitalemur has a fairly boring house, and a predictable schedule.

She also owns a blazer with a large pink felt squid on the back, has a fallout shelter sign in her garage, and drives a Cylon Scion hatchback.

Digitalemur might replace this bio with something less minimal later.

She might not, though.

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academic librarians, academic libraries, ajvar, anything else with lots of geeks and initials, assmollusks, b5, bad girls, beastie boys, belt sander racing, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology, black beans, buffy, bujold, camping, canada, cats, cheese, chemistry, choir, coffee, computer science, coreopsis, cuddling, desk barnacles, devera, dtwof, folk, food, fountains of wayne, furniture dowsing, gaming, geekiness, home improvement, hugs, kayaking, kissing girls, knitting, lemurs, lemurs in the rain, librarians, library science, lifting weights, linux, lion taming, macs, molecular biology, moxy fruvous, moxy früvous, music, ncis, new england, new librarians, npr, obama, pirates, reruns, robots, running, seattle, sg-1, shiny, singing, slavic music, sociology of science, soy milk, sts, the ditty bops, the members of, the members of...., thrift stores, tmbg, weebl & bob, wegman's, yale, young librarians, ypmb,
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