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2009-04-30 10:32 pm

I knew that novel wouldn't end until there was a body count

Regardless of the details, it's not good when you're reading a novel and you think, "Ooooh, that's bad, I know what happened to Rosalind Franklin." This applies regardless of whether the issue is sexism and recognition in science, or whether it's ovarian cancer. Ouch.

I have to hand it to the author, though, for not killing off either of the people I presumed were goners.
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2009-04-29 02:18 pm

A poll

Oh best beloveds, which shall it be? Hamdemic or Aporkalypse?
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2009-04-23 04:11 pm

An anniversary of sorts

Tonight, I will have ramen.


Because tonight it will be ten years to the day from when I made a small gesture that has netted the biggest of rewards in my life.

I invited [ profile] a_dodecahedron to come over for ramen.

Happy Ramen Day, my dear.

PS: No, I don't have any idea when Varelse Day is. And yes, I think we'd heard that joke by year two.
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2009-04-22 04:09 pm


[ profile] ladysisyphus, I see your Tweenbots wandering the streets of New York, and I raise you Classic Queen on Classic Electronics.

I hate things that buzz. That this youtube clip got me actually LIKING a buzzy thing is astounding. I realized it was my favorite instrument in this... and then I realized it was going to get to rock out on one of my favorite parts of the song... and then it did in fact rock out.

I am full of love for technology.

ETA: By the way, did I mention that I only found out last week that the song's actual title is "Daisy Bell?" And just now I found out it was first sung by an IBM 704 in 1962 at Bell Labs Murray Hill. (And Clarke happened to be visiting, so he lifted the idea of a computer singing "Daisy Bell" and made it famous.) Oh, the internets, I love you so.
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2009-04-19 06:56 pm

Yet another thing about adulthood

Yesterday I bought a reciprocating saw and a random orbit sander.

They just sold them to me. Gift card money, in fact.

I am amazed that they'll just let me out of the store with powerful electrical tools like that. Shouldn't I have to take a class? Get a permit?

It was scary to stand in front of all the miter saws and realize that I can buy one of _those_ whenever I want, too. I'm not ready for that sort of responsibility! (And also, I really hate circular saw noise even more than other power tool noise. As it is I need earplugs for things that do not bother typical human beings.)

I dunno, guys, I'm not really a grownup yet, I dunno why they're letting me buy a house and power tools and shit!

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2009-04-16 10:06 am

Still not back yet

I got home Tuesday night from Texas, but I only dug back into my Gmail this morning, and I haven't taken a look at LJ since last Friday. So, uh, if you need anything, email me or phone or tell me here?

Oh, but wait, I _have_ caught up enough to see [ profile] ladysisyphus' Very Important Poll with the best tag ever.

Wow, so many things get better when you replace select words like "peace," "mankind," and "hope" with "monkeys."
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2009-04-11 11:46 am

Posted using TxtLJ

Wow Wait Wait is really good this week! Ravelers make me proud!
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2009-04-06 06:37 pm


I love the moist air coming from a dryer vent. Especially when it means I'm done building a dryer vent duct and my clothes are drying! Woo!
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2009-04-05 12:07 pm

Wait'll you get to the part about Solange the French cat.

I think The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society has the best ensemble cast of characters I've read in a modern novel since The Sparrow. That the characters and the plot also express great love of Pride and Prejudice makes it ever better. Good heavens, what a wonderful book. I think I will have to purchase my own copy ASAP.

I may have to name my next cat Solange. I told Oz of this and he doesn't know what to make of it.

ETA: Any book that can have me sobbing on the bathroom rug at 10:30 AM, and howling with laughter over old ladies with vendettas against the Duchess of Windsor by 12:30 PM, is a good book.
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2009-04-05 01:56 am

(no subject)

Questies are ROCKSTARS. Great game, great GMs as usual, great staff, great PCs.

You guys are all awesome.

I'm going to sleep now.

That hair I wear when I play Charlie? It's all getting cut off tomorrow. Sorry, Owen.

Sleep. NOW.
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2009-03-19 10:04 am

You know what we need?

We need a button in IMDB movie listings that you hit to add a film to your Netflix queue.

My officemate just told me about High Spirits, which she says is cheesy but great, and now I want to see it. Now I have to go log in to Netflix and look for it. Sure, only a few more clicks, but integration would drive business for both sites!
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2009-03-18 02:19 pm

With your opinion which is of no consequence at all

Sure, it sounds like the reference librarian is playing regular piano jazz very quietly at the reference desk.

And then you realize she's singing very quietly, under her breath, "When I am King you will be first against the wall...."

(I'd like to dedicate this idea to [ profile] mrmoonpants, long may she reign.)

Here, have some Brad Mehldau goodness. If you click through to the YouTube page, it will start you on a whole playlist of Mehldau. His "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" is not to be missed. Neither is his "Black Hole Sun." I want to BE this guy.

Commenters on some of these tracks say things like "I had no idea Black Hole Sun had such jazz chords, until I listened to this version!" Really? I always thought I knew very little about jazz but oh, I can hear those things-- ask [ profile] havenstone about my tendency to sing jazz scat harmony over top of "Head Like A Hole."
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2009-03-15 06:08 pm

Songs of Today

I told [ profile] holmes_iv earlier that I was totally living my inner social class conflicts this weekend.

Taylor Smith is pretty introspective-girl-singer for a country station, but there you have it:

I also heard the only Toby Keith song I can stand, which is obnoxious but I like laughing at him: I Wanna Talk About Me.

This post brought to you by Oz having sat down on my lap. I'm such a sucker for a cat who sits down on my lap and looks up at me with this "...but I'm so COZY!" look. Awwwww.
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2009-03-15 09:10 am

I hate banks

I just got my mortgage commitment letter package. Yay!

They got the purchase price wrong. Again. Boo.

Edit: was so tired I was confusing purchase price with loan amount. New loan amount is near old purchase price, so I thought they'd messed it up. Once I figured THAT out I realized I was so tired I should go back to bed. Oy.