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posted by [personal profile] digitalemur at 06:37pm on 06/04/2009
I love the moist air coming from a dryer vent. Especially when it means I'm done building a dryer vent duct and my clothes are drying! Woo!
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I think The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society has the best ensemble cast of characters I've read in a modern novel since The Sparrow. That the characters and the plot also express great love of Pride and Prejudice makes it ever better. Good heavens, what a wonderful book. I think I will have to purchase my own copy ASAP.

I may have to name my next cat Solange. I told Oz of this and he doesn't know what to make of it.

ETA: Any book that can have me sobbing on the bathroom rug at 10:30 AM, and howling with laughter over old ladies with vendettas against the Duchess of Windsor by 12:30 PM, is a good book.
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posted by [personal profile] digitalemur at 01:56am on 05/04/2009
Questies are ROCKSTARS. Great game, great GMs as usual, great staff, great PCs.

You guys are all awesome.

I'm going to sleep now.

That hair I wear when I play Charlie? It's all getting cut off tomorrow. Sorry, Owen.

Sleep. NOW.
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posted by [personal profile] digitalemur at 11:37am on 03/04/2009
Music:: "Iowa," Dar Williams
Mood:: "Iowa" still makes me cry
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posted by [personal profile] digitalemur at 10:38am on 03/04/2009
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This shirt reminds me of the one [ profile] emilymorgan has that says "I am a cat at what?"
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posted by [personal profile] digitalemur at 10:04am on 19/03/2009
We need a button in IMDB movie listings that you hit to add a film to your Netflix queue.

My officemate just told me about High Spirits, which she says is cheesy but great, and now I want to see it. Now I have to go log in to Netflix and look for it. Sure, only a few more clicks, but integration would drive business for both sites!
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Sure, it sounds like the reference librarian is playing regular piano jazz very quietly at the reference desk.

And then you realize she's singing very quietly, under her breath, "When I am King you will be first against the wall...."

(I'd like to dedicate this idea to [ profile] mrmoonpants, long may she reign.)

Here, have some Brad Mehldau goodness. If you click through to the YouTube page, it will start you on a whole playlist of Mehldau. His "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" is not to be missed. Neither is his "Black Hole Sun." I want to BE this guy.

Commenters on some of these tracks say things like "I had no idea Black Hole Sun had such jazz chords, until I listened to this version!" Really? I always thought I knew very little about jazz but oh, I can hear those things-- ask [ profile] havenstone about my tendency to sing jazz scat harmony over top of "Head Like A Hole."
Mood:: God loves his children, yeah
Music:: Brad Mehldau - Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover)
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posted by [personal profile] digitalemur at 06:08pm on 15/03/2009
I told [ profile] holmes_iv earlier that I was totally living my inner social class conflicts this weekend.

Taylor Smith is pretty introspective-girl-singer for a country station, but there you have it:

I also heard the only Toby Keith song I can stand, which is obnoxious but I like laughing at him: I Wanna Talk About Me.

This post brought to you by Oz having sat down on my lap. I'm such a sucker for a cat who sits down on my lap and looks up at me with this "...but I'm so COZY!" look. Awwwww.
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posted by [personal profile] digitalemur at 09:10am on 15/03/2009
I just got my mortgage commitment letter package. Yay!

They got the purchase price wrong. Again. Boo.

Edit: was so tired I was confusing purchase price with loan amount. New loan amount is near old purchase price, so I thought they'd messed it up. Once I figured THAT out I realized I was so tired I should go back to bed. Oy.


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